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If your house has been on the market for four or six weeks and you still haven't received any telephone calls or visits from potential buyers, it may be time to tweak your marketing. It may also be time to tweak interior and exterior features at your house.

Paths to a quicker house sale

To avoid dealing with the pain of a slow house sale, the type of house sale that pushes you to lower the price of your home a thousand dollars a week, make sure that your house is ready to attract top buyers before you put your house on the market. To make it easy on yourself and avoid missing important items, start with your roof.

While on your roof, look for and replace discolored, curled or torn shingles. If you find many worn or missing shingles, contact a professional roofer. Have the professional roofer inspect your roof and repair it as needed. Some roofers will inspect your roof for free if you sign a repair or replacement contract with them.

Focus on your landscaping. Remove fallen tree limbs, fill in yard holes and clean up pet feces. Also, rake away leaves, remove snow and treat your lawn as needed. Instead of leaving dying or drooping flowers in the yard, replant these flowers. Annuals can serve as a gift to home buyers, saving them the time of planting new buds every spring.

Here are more ways to sell your house

Inspect your driveway, sidewalk and porch. Repair cracks, making sure that your driveway, sidewalk and porch floor are even. Minor repairs could be performed in one weekend.

Seal windows and doors. Cracks in window and doors may go unnoticed during warm weather, but, will stick out as temperatures drop. As you prepare your house to be convenient and in good shape for buyers over the long term, you might not only sell your house faster, you might feel real good about yourself after you hand the keys to your house to the new owner.

By applying a fresh layer of paint to your house, your house could look several years younger. A fresh coat of paint throughout your entire house also sends the message to potential home buyers that you take care of your house.

Focusing on long lasting house features could land you a quicker home sale

Another sign that you take care of your house is the state of your appliances. If your water heater has been giving you trouble, replace or repair it. The same applies to your washer and dryer. Also, be sure to clean out filters, including air conditioner filters.

This next item could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars,depending on the size of your house and the type of flooring that you get. But, similar to applying a fresh coat of paint to each room at your house, put down new flooring.

Work with your realtor to find out if there's a specific flooring type that buyers are currently looking for. Certain types of wood flooring could increase the value of your house in many buyers' eyes. Other house buyers won't buy a new house unless flooring in major rooms like the living room, bedroom and den are carpeted.